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The Spooky Subscription Box

Alli Cat Creative Co is celebrating our second year in business and our first year with our season subscription box program!!

We're going bigger and better than ever for our subscription box this quarter. Subscribers can expect a spooky theme for the box this Autumn. Shipping on September 1st, the box will be themed with colored and scented packaging to accentuate the season! Subscribers can expect a robust spread of Fall fragrances like Apple Cider Donut for our apple lovers, Pumpkin Pie to honor our classic pumpkin spice lovers, and last but not least, fan favorite - warm buttered Caramel Popcorn! Our specialty candle this season is a Whipped Pumpkin Pie Candle with a crumbled cinnamon pie crust layer and mini pumpkin on top. It's a completely unique design that we've never sold before and that you can't find with any other candle company. We are also bumping up the seasonal fun with a handmade Halloween-themed bath product from our friends over at Fat Kitten Bath Bombs; their bubbling cauldron nourishing bath bombs. Following suit with the mental health focus of our brand, subscribers can also expect a surprise seasonal-themed, stress/fidget toy. It makes a great little desk decoration. And of course, our subscribers are getting a great deal on these, saving an average of 25% by receiving the subscription box rather than purchasing the products separately. They also get access to them before anyone else.

A huge reason we decided to make our subscription boxes seasonal celebration focused is that often when we become adults we don't get to feel as fully immersed in the seasons in the way we are as children. There's so much magic and joy in being able to feel the season with all your senses in a way that feels exciting but relaxing - it's just hard to do as an adult. Maybe you don't have time to go to the pumpkin patch or the haunted house or to binge your favorite Fall movies. Maybe it's because you are working too much or you don't have anyone to do the fun, seasonal things with. Or, maybe you're a parent now and it's just challenging to feel the joy of the seasons that deeply because you're busy making sure your kids are having a good time and making memories of their own.

These boxes are created to be something that you don't have to think about. It's delivered to your door at the start of each season with everything you need to celebrate with self-care. They are something that's uniquely creative, handmade, safe, and joyful, a completely Instagrammable experience that you can share but also enjoy alone. It's a fun surprise full of self-care products that immerse you in the most magical joys of the season in a way you can enjoy in your own home o

n your own time.

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