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Seaside Bookstore - 10oz Candle

Seaside Bookstore - 10oz Candle

As you walk the sunny pier breathing in the mist of the summer ocean you enter a seaside used bookstore, grab a leather-bound novel from the mahogany shelves, and flip through the dusty pages. This distinctive fragrance recalls the atmosphere of an historic library of yesteryear, beginning with a teakwood top note that gives way to a heart of cedar and leather. The floral heart of jasmine, lilac, and orange blossom, earthy sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli wrap up this woody scent. Base notes of amber and tonka ground the airy quality of this oceanic scent. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including orange peel, lemon peel, cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, elemi, and cade. Note Profile:Top: Teakwood, Sea Salt, Ozone, LemonMiddle: Cedar, Leather, Green Leaves, Jasmine, Lilac, Orange BlossomBase: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amyris, Dark Musk, Tonka Bean, Amber
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