Thank You For The Opportunity

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Have you ever been laid off or struggled financially? Have you been overwhelmed by the responsibilities you have at home or with managing your time? Have you struggled with your health, your self-image or mental illness? Have you dealt with the loss of someone you love?

I've experienced these things and more. I've felt everything these challenges bring with them. Most importantly, I've grown from these experiences more than I ever could have without them. So can you.


This is a self empowerment guide to hone in on what matters most to you; using specific practical strategies including interviews from experts in decluttering, financial intelligence, and time management. Then building on those principles to discover if the way your thinking about your problems is creating a psychological impasse. When you change your point of view, you reveal opportunities you didn't have before. That's how you gain back control over your life when you feel like it's out of your hands. I'm sharing my raw, authentic experiences here to demonstrate how to shift your perspective in the face of adversity and align your strategy with your greatest priorities to see that life is giving you every opportunity - right now - to transform yourself  into the most fulfilled person you can be.


Two major themes in this book are Child Abuse and Mental Illness/ Suicide. These topics can be triggering; but it's vital we talk about them and educate ourselves in order to address them. If you or someone you love has struggled  or is dealing with either of these challenges currently; the two links below are great resources to start with.